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Tawau dam: Sept dialogue to resolve compensation
Published on: Sunday, July 22, 2018

Tawau: Assistant Minister to the Chief Minister Jimmy Wong Sze Phin will hold a dialogue in September between the relevant authorities and the landlords to resolve the compensation issue that is holding back the Gudang Empat dam project.

He told the media during a visit to the dam construction site that representatives from the Public Works Department, Water Department and Lands and Surveys would be invited.

He hoped the new government (Pakatan Harapan-PH) would ensure a quick payout for the contractor to carry out the project without delay.

On another matter, he said many landlords still depend on planting crops for a living and hoped the contractors would clean up the lots that they need to work on, and not the oil palm trees, in order not to lose income.

The landlords also hoped the dam project could be completed within four years without delays for the sake of sufficient water supply to Tawau people.

According to the contractor, the Water Department and the Lands and Surveys Department already have the existing name list together with the percentage of compensation.

Some landlords have obtained 100 per cent compensation while some only 75 per cent.

Currently, only 2.5 hectares out of 600 acres at the site had been cleaned up. - Christy Chok

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