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Efforts to resolve Inanam jam
Published on: Saturday, July 21, 2018

INANAM: Efforts are under way to resolve the decades-old traffic congestion problem here.

One possible solution is to introduce a one-way traffic flow to eliminate conflict points at junctions and roundabouts.

Inanam Assemblyman Kenny Chua said the heavy traffic congestion along the stretch of Jalan Kionsom, from the Inanam-Bantayan junction towards Inanam town and to the main highway, during peak hours has been a misery to road users for many years.

He said he was aware that motorists would get stuck for long periods in the jam during peak hours, causing them to be late in sending their children to school and getting to work.

"The people have been waiting for so long for this problem to be solved. Some people may not realise it, but traffic congestions affect people's lives and businesses in many unhealthy ways.

For one, they get unnecessarily stressed out. We want to improve this situation and hope we will be able to ease the congestion," he said after making an inspection, Friday.

He was accompanied by Mayor Datuk Yeo Boon Hai and Director-General Datuk Joannes Solidau as well as City Hall Transportation and Traffic Director Kalvin Liau.

Chua, who is also State Finance Assistant Minister, said they have identified the three roundabouts along the stretch as the main cause of the congestion.

"At this point, we are looking at some possible solutions," he said.

Meanwhile, Liau said a doable solution would be to introduce a one-way traffic flow.

"This would increase the road capacity to be used by more vehicles and at the same time reduce conflict of flow at junctions and at the roundabouts," he explained.

However, the concept will be further discussed in detail by the City Hall during its subsequent meetings.

The issue of traffic congestion in Inanam has been highlighted time and again by various parties.

But many road users and the local community have said they have yet to see concrete solution.

Three years ago, there was a call on the Public Works Department to consider constructing the third flyover along Jalan Tuaran–Jalan Kionsom as there were massive property developments along Jalan Kionsom and also within the industrial area in Jalan Tuaran.

However, at the moment, Chua's immediate goal is to overcome the bottleneck situations so that traffic would flow at ease. - Leonard Alaza

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