Focus of 3 new Ministries to be outlined
Published on: Wednesday, May 23, 2018

There will be some structural changes to boost the capacity of the three new ministries in the State Government. Chief Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Shafie Apdal said the areas of focus would be announced within the first 100 days.

The three ministries are the Ministry of Education and Innovation, Ministry of Health and People's Wellbeing and the Ministry of Law and Native Affairs.

"We are looking into some of the various areas, of course there are will be some structural changes to deliver what has been inspired by the people on the ground," he told a media conference, Tuesday.

"I am also looking into some of the promises that we have made, some of these will be announced along the way," he added.

He went on to say that they will look into all aspects in terms of law and noted the race and religious problems in the State which would encompass some of the area that will be looked into.

He revealed this after an earlier meeting with department heads at the Pusat Pentadbiran Negeri Sabah here.

Also present was State Secretary Tan Sri Sukarti Wakiman.

The abolishment of communal titles would be among the areas that will be looked at and he would get the details before making any announcement within the 100 days. Shafie, who also holds the Finance portfolio, was asked about calls not to hold two positions, to which he said, "Well, don't blame the car, I have already reiterate that, you can't blame the car."

"You see, this is not the fault of the ministerial post (Finance Minister Post), it is the fault of the driver, we will prove it wrong in years to come," he said.

When pressed further on whether he will only be holding the post temporarily, he said "We will see how it goes."

He also again stressed on the need to protect endangered wildlife, saying it is not only the agenda at state and federal level, but is confident that many at international level are also keeping a close watch on how the state is addressing the matter.

"We must take care of our endangered wildlife as best we can, I have instructed the Wildlife Department to look into this matter seriously because it involves not one but several incidents," he said, referring the deaths of six Borneo pygmy elephants within a month since early April.

"I have spoken to the Wildlife Department, we must not only know why this happens, but also how to address the matter to prevent it happening again," he said.

On his meeting with department heads, he said the purpose was to explain the new administration's halatuju in line with what they have stated during the recent 14th General Election.

"I talked about the need for not only cooperation between public and private sectors, but also with existing policy makers, on how we can further boost our services from time to time in effort to help the people.

"We must understand and realise that our customers are the people, we serve the people to ensure what they need can be coordinated as best we can to ensure their wellbeing.

"I am confident if we can boost cooperation at all levels, understand the policy introduced and have sufficient delivery system, we can bring our service at State level to a satisfactory level," he said.

The Chief Minister will also hold a briefing with security forces at State level today (Wednesday) to discuss on security matters.

He said there will be some announcement on what the new administration have promised in terms of security. – Sherell Jeffrey


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