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'Don't let them operate here'
Published on: Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Kota Kinabalu: The 60 members of the Sabah's Foreign Worker Recruitment Agencies Association (Pappas) here is calling the State government not allow two peninsula-based online service companies to expand their operations to the State.

The association is also appealing to Chief Minister Tan Seri Musa Aman and other concerned authorities to maintain the status qou of the agency's annual licence fee.

Pappas President Anthony Leong said approval of the two online service companies to operate in Sabah will jeopardise the operations of the local agencies.

He also feared that the entry of these companies will result in monopoly in the industry leading to unnecessary exorbitant charges.

"We strongly urge the Sabah Government to reject the entry of Foreign Workers Centralised Management System (PWCMS) and My Electronic Government (GyEG) because it will greatly affect the operations of our members," Leong stressed. During a meeting Saturday, he said the members in unison agreed that a memorandum requesting the State government not to increase the present security deposit imposed to PAPPAS will be submitted soon.

"We are making the call because the Labour Department has informed us during a briefing recently that the agency annual licence fee will be increased effective this month," he said.

"Previously, under the Special Task Force we only paid RM50,000. Now under the new structure introduced by the Labour Department, the said fee will be increased to RM250,000 which many of us (members) could not afford."

Leong hoped the Sabah Government will consider the associations's request.

"We hope the government will protect the interest of the local recruitment agencies from being affected by two peninsula-based companies," he reiterated. - Nikko Fabian

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