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Two buried alive in K Marudu landslip
Published on: Saturday, January 13, 2018

Kota Marudu: A landslide in Marak Parak, Km34.6 of the Kota Marudu-Ranau Road, near Kg Toliduson, on Friday resulted in two locals on a motorcycle being buried alive.

Kota Marudu Fire and Rscue Department Chief, Rony Sikawan, said the department received a distress call from road users about the incident at 7.20am.

"We rushed a fire engine, a EMRS van and two utility vehicles along with 13 personnel led by Officer Sahidi bin Mahali to the scene. We also receive help from Ranau Fire and Rescue led by Jimmy Lagung.

"At the scene, we found the two individuals were buried and our effort was focused on extracting the victims," he said.

The first was retrieved at 8.31am while the other less that an hour later.

Both were confirmed to have died following the incident and their bodies were handed over to the medical team," he said.

The victims who were riding a Honda EX5 motorcycle were Jaimin Bien, 45 from Kg Tandahawon, Kota Marudu and Edmond James, 22 from Kg Melangkap Tengah Kota Marudu.

According to the Natural Disaster Report released by Works Department (JKR), the landslide which measures about 30 meters wide occurred following heavy rain two days ago.

Assesment of the location showed that the road in question was still passable although vehicles from both directions have to take turn to cross.

Kota Marudu JKR along with the concession company, Globanico have made inspection and monitoring at the site where both parties agreed to erect warning signboards along the area in question. - Clarence George Dol

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