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Club views it as purely an admin matter
Published on: Friday, January 12, 2018

Kota Kinabalu: The Lions Club of Kota Kinabalu Host claims it responded within 24 hours upon receiving a show cause letter from the Registrar of Societies (RoS) on issues which it (club) believes "were purely administrative and do not warrant deregistration".

However, it said it had yet to receive a response from RoS. It also said that the RoS letter made no mention of misappropriation of funds, the office lots, furniture and fixtures.

"We have given a signed statement to the police that misappropriation of funds will require, firstly, non-authorisation, secondly no accountability and thirdly, one party must gain and another party must lose," said Club Secretary Francis SP Liew in a statement.

"All our Club's payments have been authorised and included in our financial statements which are tabled at a members' meeting and there is no gain and no loss to anybody.

"Copies of the Annual General Meeting minutes were given to the police.

No charges have been made against us after more than a year's investigation," he said.

He also denied that they received on average RM100,000 a year in donations, sponsorships and corporate contributions.

"This is certainly untrue and we did not have any fund raising for many years now.

The funds for our Rural Water Projects and the hostel for needy students come from our joint project partners, an overseas Lions Club and from Lions Club International.

"For all these projects, all funds shortages or excesses are for the account of our Club," he said.

He also denied income from fund raising had been used to defray the Club's administrative expenses.

"All our bank accounts have been approved by our Board of Directors," he said, adding that the RoS letter only stated that the club had infringed Article 7 relating to non-compliance of rules in the appointment of club officials during the AGM and intentionally violating the club's constitution in appointment of exco members.

A RoS official earlier told Daily Express, when contacted, that the Club had until Jan 17 to prove they have not violated regulations set by the Registrar of Societies or face revocation.

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