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Cops looking for last Sayyaf suspect
Published on: Wednesday, December 06, 2017

Kota Kinabalu: Police are looking for the last suspect believed involved with robbery and Kidnapping for Ransom (KFR) group, said State Police Commissioner Datuk Ramli Din.

The suspect, part of a group of 11, is still at large and there is information that he is in the southern Philippines and sometimes travels to Sabah waters.

"We will work closely with the Philippine authority," he told a media conference at the Have an Ex-Policeman Serve as Neighbourhood Safety Leaders programme under the National Blue Ocean Strategy (NBOS).

He said that with a latest member of the KFR group shot dead recently, authorities have been able to cripple the foul activity carried out by this gang.

State forces are continuing regular sea patrols with the Indonesian and Philippines authorities as well as meeting at sea to exchange or share information, he said.

On Monday, a 31-year-old suspected Abu Sayyaf member identified as Komander Paliyak @ Yusuf was killed off Silam, near Pulau Kantung Kalungan, at about 3am during a shootout with police.

A modified pump gun was found on board the suspect's boat, believed to have been used to fire at the police who were patrolling at that time.

There are originally 11 members in the group, where five of them were killed, four in the Philippines and one recently, while five arrested by Filipino authorities and the last one still at large.

Meanwhile, some 60 retirees participated in the first time programme as an initiative came up with the police to boost the security level in the state.

The aim was to work closely with the retirees who had 20 to 40 years of experience in the force, to contain and preserve the safety of the community.

"We who are still serving in the force will continue the legacy and get extra knowledge from the retirees who are still healthy and active in carrying out community activity.

"Once a policeman, always a policeman," he added. - Jeremy S Zabala

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