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PBS to educate the young on formation
Published on: Saturday, November 18, 2017

Penampang: Acting Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS) President Datuk Seri Dr Maximus Ongkili Maximus urged PBS Youth and Wanita to set up a MA63 Club for the younger generation to educate them on the historical processes that took place leading to the formation of Malaysia, and also for better understanding of MA63.

"Many of our youths are still not aware of the background and details of the Malaysia Agreement 1963 and many have misconceptions about how it was formed.

"Some even still think we joined Malaysia when there was no Malaysia then, only Malaya."

"So this school for the younger generation is something important as we don't want the younger generation to learn a twisted form of history from the internet that is tainted by the opposition.

He said the opposition has followed the lead of PBS and the government in trying to explain how the country was formed but twisted the facts.

"They blamed previous leaders as being 'aiso guno' (useless) and 'basug' (stupid) and accuse Kuala Lumpur of cheating Sabahans then. If only they knew about the background of the deal.

"So it's easy for the opposition to blame them as being stupid but one needs to read and know the background to understand the real picture and discuss with real, proper and unbiased view (on the issue of MA63) instead of merely making baseless accusations."

He said this in his speech at the opening of the PBS Youth and Wanita Congress at KDCA Hongkod Koisaan, Friday.

Maximus said one of the PBS' strengths compared to other parties in Barisan Nasional is that it is open to all.

"PBS being one of the oldest local parties in the State has a lot of experience.

"One of its key attributes and strengths is that PBS is a party for all races, ethnic groups and religions.

"This is also what makes the party stronger than those parties that only represent their respective races and faiths."

He said the party practises moderation and was able to defend the spirit of cooperation, moderation and tolerance against threats posed from racial and religious extremists in the country.

Maximus also called on those present to carry on the struggle and legacy of PBS to ensure that it continues to be stronger.

He said PBS must be expanded and called on members to be more aggressive in attracting the interest of the younger generation to join the party's struggles and stressed also the need for new blood to continue the party leadership.

Maximus also said in this day and age, physical strength of party members alone was not enough to face the challenges facing the party.

"Skills are important. Management skills, interpretation skills, information processing skills are required as well and there is room for this in the PBS Youth movement."

"As a component party, we have been given 13 state assembly seats and five parliamentary seats.

Preparations have and are being done to face the general elections.

"Our target is to win all as they are all 'winnable' except for a few urban areas which are 'difficult' for us but steps have been carried out to address this.

"If we are united, cooperate and have proper planning, mixed or KDM areas are not an issue."

Maximus also spoke about where in the past there were cases of where PBS' manpower assistance was not utilised by Barisan Nasional candidates and he would be surprised if some component parties said for certain areas (they are contesting in) that they have no need for PBS (assistance).

"If there are still BN component leaders who think that way, then I will say they are "Basug".

But I am confident they will not do this, especially in this situation nowadays.

However, if this situation still occurs, then we will instead focus our manpower efforts on areas that we are contesting in."

if PBS were to use its own flag then their votes would be doubled," he said alluding to the belief that PBS will get more support if they fly their own flag. but he said it was does not necessarily mean PBS would want to leave BN. - Neil Chan

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