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Alert neighbours save nine families from landslip
Published on: Sunday, October 22, 2017

Kota Kinabalu: Alert neighbours helped save lives in Penampang when a landslip hit several houses in Kg Kolam Damai, Minintod, Saturday morning.

The landslip, which occurred at 8.50am, was a result of continuous rain over the past week.

A video clip of the incident showed a man and several others screaming and urging other villagers to run out of their houses and to be careful.

Villager Sbilida Yau Soi said she quickly alerted her family and others in the area to run way from their houses.

"We were lucky to be able to run away in time," she said, adding that her house was also damaged in the incident.

A total of nine families comprising 34 members have been displaced following the mishap.

This is the second landslip to have occurred in the same vicinity over a period of two days.

On Friday, a total of eight families were displaced as their houses were destroyed by the landslip.

A school along the Shantung road, near here, had also been hit by a landslip on Friday.

The damage was, however, minor.

According to the Sabah Civil Defence Department, no one was injured in these incidents.

Department Acting Director Lft Kol. Mohd Izaimi Md Daud said all the victims managed to escape from their houses during the landslips.

"About a dozen cases of landslips and road cave-ins have been reported including in Kota Kinabalu and Kundasang during this period," he said.

Meanwhile, the state fire department also recorded hundreds of calls pertaining to fallen trees and branches all over Sabah's west coast districts due to the rain and strong winds.

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