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N Korean leader is a Man United fan
Published on: Wednesday, September 13, 2017

LONDON: North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has been revealed as a huge Manchester United fan — and believes it is only a matter of time before North Korean players are heading over to the Premier League.

A close friend of the nuclear tyrant revealed how he loves the beautiful game and never misses a major football tournament, claims the UK tabloid, The Sun.

Italian senator Antonio Razzi confirmed the crackpot dictator had told him during private conversations of his love for the Red Devils.

Razzi is an eccentric figure in Italian politics, who has become well-known in his homeland mainly due to his close friendship with Kim.

He said Kim never misses a major football tournament, having become obsessed with the game while studying in San Siro, Switzerland, as a young man.

But when asked if Kim compared himself to any United heroes such as Eric Cantona or Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Razzi told The Sun: "No, Kim is Kim — he is the only one."

North Korean wonderkid Han Jwang-song has come into the public domain following an eye-catching start to the season with Perugia in Italy's second tier.

And Razzi told how Kim believes he will be just the first of many players to come out of the secretive state and shine on the world stage because it is "a country in constant evolution".

And he expects the Premier League to soon be inundated with North Korean talent.

Monitoring groups confirmed that Premier League football is regularly shown on KCNA – the country's state-run television channel.

Other major tournaments such as the Euros and World Cup are also thought to be shown, but footage often appears several days after the game has been played.

The footage is also heavily edited to remove many of the crowd shots, and all of the advertising because the regime does not want to promote western life or products.

It is not known where North Korea acquires the footage as it has no broadcast deal with the Premier League.

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