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What the dam siren means
Published on: Thursday, August 17, 2017

Kota Kinabalu: The sound of the siren at the Babagon Dam does not mean that the dam is in danger, said State Water Department director Willis Ansoi, Wednesday.

He said the siren will be automatically triggered to notify and warn the villagers downstream to stay clear of the river and not to swim or go fishing in the areas so as to avoid them getting hurt or injured when the overflowing water gushes down into the spillways.

He said this to clarify a claim which has caused fear among the public due to misinformation about the dam releasing water and siren being triggered along Moyog Rover which were circulated in the social media during the current inclement weather experienced in the West Coast of Sabah that caused flash floods at some area in the region.

"When the dam level reached beyond 130.50 metres, a siren will sound just before overflowing.

It does not mean that the dam is in danger as it will overflow in a safe manner when it is full.

"The function of the dam is not only to contain raw water but it also has been helping to lessen Moyog River flow by 15 per cent.

"The dam holds up to 23,780 million litres water at one time from passing through the Babagon River into the Moyog River, even in the wake of incessant rain conditions," he said.

Currently at 3pm, Ansoi said the Babagon dam level is about at 130.05 metres and the overflow level is 130.50 metres.

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