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Unhappy S'kan hospital woes not solved
Published on: Friday, April 21, 2017

Kuala Lumpur: Senator Datuk Chin Su Phin expressed disappointment that the various problems at the Duchess of Kent Hospital, Sandakan, have not been solved even after the visit by the Deputy Health Minister.

Chin, who is the Deputy President of Liberal Democratic Party (LDP), said he had highlighted the problems about the hospital during his debate speech on Budget 2017 last year and as a result, the deputy health minister conducted a visit to the hospital.

However, Chin said no changes or improvements have been done. He wondered if the real issues at the hospital were brought up when the deputy minister met with the hospital director and staff.

Chin was also disappointed that he was not informed nor involved in the visit.

"The minister and deputy minister should involve us in the discussion to seek solutions to the problems.

"As a Senator from Sabah, I am upset for not being involved in the visit as I had expressed my desire to work with the minister or deputy minister of health if they visit the hospital.

"I have also tried making an appointment with the minister since the debate on Budget 2017 last year to find ways to solve the problems but to no avail," he said when debating Yang di-Pertuan Agong's speech in the Dewan Negara here recently.

Chin pointed out that the issues at the Duchess of Kent Hospital have been a longstanding problem.

"There are reports on the problems at the hospital almost every week in the local newspapers.

"If the ministry does not take the issue seriously, BN will have difficulty regaining the Sandakan parliamentary seat in the 14th General Election."

On the other hand, Chin said the government's move from monthly to weekly float system for petrol prices was better as fluctuations in oil prices would not be as drastic.

That said, he asked the relevant ministry as to how the government calculate the weekly fuel prices and the factors taken into consideration during the pricing process.

He also wanted to know if the government still planned to let petrol dealers compete in fuel prices, as well as weather the government had an alternative plan if fuel prices shot up drastically to a level which burdened the people.

Chin also wanted to know when the government would implement targeted fuel subsidies and the obstacles faced in executing the plan.

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