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Kiulu lacks development: PCS
Published on: Sunday, March 19, 2017

Tuaran: Kiulu Parti Cinta Sabah (PCS) division head Gaibin Ransoi said Kiulu still seriously lags in development although the area was once under the leadership of a Chief Minister and full ministers.

"This is even more disappointing because the area is only a stone's throw away from the State Capital.

Other areas which are much further away, including those in the Interior, are better developed than Kiulu," he said.

He said many villagers depend on the harvest of rubber latex, but are now suffering badly due to the depressed price of rubber and that this was reason for the people resettling in other parts of Sabah.

"That is why we have villagers called Kg Kiulu Baru all over Sabah, especially in Telupid and the East Coast," he said.

"The people have to seek odd jobs in the towns and cities to supplement their incomes.

"Many village roads become useless during the rainy season as they are not even gravelled.

The glaring neglect of Kiulu by the Government is the absence of a decent township in the area.

"This situation continues to make the people of feel they are isolated and left far behind development.

The population is big enough to sustain a burgeoning township but all the choice they have is to make the long trip to Tamparuli and Tuaran."

Kiulu is part of the Tuaran parliamentary constituency which also includes Tamparuli and Sulaman, but there is possibility that Sulaman will be transferred to join the proposed Dalit state constituency to form the new Tuaran parliamentary area.

This change will leave Kiulu and Tamparuli as a new parliamentary area whose name has not been made known yet.

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