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Rising prostrate cancer trend
Published on: Friday, February 17, 2017

Penampang: Consult a doctor immediately if you are a senior citizen and have these three main symptoms – frequent toilet visit, difficulty urinating and wetting of trousers.

This was the advice of Dr Somasundaram Singaram to the senior citizens club here.

The urologist from KPJ Hospital was explaining prostrate disease during a health talk for seniors as part of once-a-week activities sponsored by Sabah Credit Corporation, Donggongon.

Dr Soma also informed that not all prostrate disease is cancerous and may be just swelling which can be treated with medication. If untreated this will give three problems, namely bloated prostrate, kick-back to kidney and swelling legs.

Diagnosing prostrate disease include examination by doctor, blood test and scanning or imaging with ultrasound each contributing to 30 per cent of the conclusion, he said. Another indicative test is the uroflow which actually measures how fast the male can urinate and a graph result is produced.

He also informed that there is an increasing trend of prostrate cancer in Malaysia with one case detected every week. However, this could be due to increasing population and better health care where patients now have better access to hospitals.

Apart from medication, prostrate problems can be treated with simple surgery available in the local hospital if detected at early stage.

To a question from the audience, Dr Soma said there is no connection with prostrate disease and the food that we eat and females have no prostrate problems.

Bladder control problems caused by urinary tract infections are more common in women, hence it's always wise to see a doctor immediately, he said. - Oswald Supi

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