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Victim puts up fight despite being stabbed
Published on: Thursday, January 12, 2017

Kota Kinabalu: A Canadian businessman despite being badly injured and bleeding, managed to fight back and overpower a burglar while family members called the police who came and arrested the suspect last Sunday.

The 47-year-old businessman, who declined to be named, was rushed to the Queen Elizabeth Hospital 1 Emergency Department by his brother-in-law.

He received more than 15 stitches on his head.

He and his wife had their statements recorded by a police inspector at the KK District Police Headquarters, Karamunsing, the same day.

He thanked police from the Tanjung Aru Police Station and Karamunsing Police Station for their swift response and action in handling the case. It was learnt that the suspect had previously also blinded someone.

According to the businessman, he heard the dog barking.

"Thanks to my hockey career in my younger days when I fought a lot. This strength saved my life in this particular situation," he reckoned.

Relating the incident to Daily Express, the victim's wife, who is still traumatised, said the intruder, believed to be a drug addict, entered their house at Kg Tg Aru Lama at about 2am after damaging one of the windows.

"My husband heard our dog barking and went downstairs to check. He saw the intruder ransacking my mum's Day Room.

"He rushed towards the man and started punching him. Just then, the intruder picked up a pair of scissors and started stabbing my husband on his head.

"Despite being stabbed five or six times, he continued to beat up the intruder until the latter almost lost his senses.

He was exceptionally strong, according to my husband."

"My husband was bleeding profusely. I called the police while my brother got the help of a Samaritan to drive him to the Tanjung Aru Police Station to take the police to our house.

"Shortly after, a police inspector from the Karamunsing Police-Station also came," she said, adding that she lodged the first report at the Tanjung Aru Police Station.

The family has been staying at Kg Tg Aru Lama for the last 16 years, and this was their first encounter with a burglar.

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