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Placing Faiz on a pedestal over 1 goal 'not right': TMJ
Published on: Wednesday, January 11, 2017

PETALING JAYA: The Johor Crown Prince says it "is not right" to put Mohd Faiz Subri on a pedestal as the public and media seem to be doing following the footballer's achievement in winning the 2016 Fifa Puskas Award.

Tunku Ismail Sultan Ibrahim said that while congratulations are in order for the Penang player, it is the Johor Darul Takzim (JDT) football club that is the benchmark for Malaysian football, reported the FMT.

Tunku Ismail, who is more popularly known as TMJ, suggested that giving too much praise for the footballer would only encourage one to be complacent and this, in turn, could impede Malaysian football from striving further.

"I'm stating the truth, but all of you are stating things as if you are disillusioned or living in a dream.

"The benchmark for the nation's football is JDT. JDT's achievement in AFC is how the world learns about JDT.

That should be the benchmark for Malaysian football.

"JDT should be the model for all teams in this country to emulate, and not use an individual who scored one goal as a benchmark," Tunku Ismail said, adding that this is why football in Malaysia cannot progress.

In 2015, JDT won the AFC Cup, becoming the first Southeast Asian side to do so.

Tunku Ismail's post was in response to the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) stating that Faiz's achievement is a benchmark for Malaysian football.

"I disagree with FAM because he's only scored one goal and, apart from that, he had been oblivious throughout the season."

Tunku Ismail went on to add that football in Malaysia is still "straggling", while the country is ranked "very low".

He also said that little was done to raise the level of football management or the standards of our league.

There were also football teams, he said, that were in debt, but allowed to take part in the league and this is why there is "nothing to be proud of" as far as football in Malaysia was concerned.

"All of you are overly proud of an individual, but choose not to address more important elements, such as our integrity and the current reputation of our national football, which I'm sure everyone is aware of."

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